Little World International School
Al Khobar

Teaching Children is a commitment and responsibility. All children deserve respect and require to be loved . We believe that education is a combination of various aspects of life in which both teachers and parents are equal contributors to childs overall department. At Little world we ensure that we guide them during these early and crucial formative years. We do not look at a school in its narrow sense of the term. For us school means a lot of things .

Supervised by professionally qualified teachers , school means a place where there can be an ideal blend of knowledge in all recognized disciplines and playtime activities for the children.

Character development for the young minds is the most important activity. This ensures that the children become useful members of the society and learn essential life skills, trustworthiness, attentiveness, kindness and cooperation.

Homely , attractive and safe environment where children have enough room to interact with other people and learn to make friends.

Optimizing the potential in each child. Every child is an individual and requires child-centered personal attention to develop skills at its own pace

Overview of the constantly changing technology. Teaching basic computer applications and reinforcing Mathematics, Sciences and reading through computers.

Language is not just a form of communication. Written and spoken language skills in English and the mother tongue is a medium of introducing children to the wonderful world of literature.

  • I am the child
  • All the world waits for my coming,
  • all the earth watches with interest
  • what I shall become
  • Civilization hangs in the balance,
  • for what I am,
  • the world of tomorrow will be,
  • I have come into your world
  • About which I know nothing
  • Why I come I know not,
  • How I come I know not,
  • I am curious, I am interested.
  • I am the child
  • You hold in your hand my destiny,
  • your determine largely,
  • whether I shall succeed or fail
  • Give me, I pray you, those things,
  • that make for happiness
  • Train me, I beg you,,
  • that I may be a blessing to the world.