Our Aims

OUR AIM is to provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment so that the children can grow up as competent and confident learners, healthy in mind, body, and spirit. We offer educational and creative opportunities to achieve their greatest potential. We encourage children to develop self discipline and good behavior. We believe that parents and teachers are partners in enriching the children's mind and encourage parents to monitor the school activities and reinforce instructions at home. To achieve these goals we provide the following elements in our curriculum and activities:

We believe that children should be exposed to the latest technology early in their lives. It is important for them not only to be fully conversant with the technology but also to be aware of the changes which keep on happening on a regular basis. We have provided a computer lab with latest networked computers. We have installed regular Windows based computer programs for word processing, spreadsheets, emails and of course educational games. Children are encouraged to use and familiarize with the facility under guidance from trained professionals.

We develop self esteem and a love of learning in a warm, interesting and supportive environment. We offer personal attention so that the children can draw upon their own abilities, talents and interests at their own speed

We provide opportunities for children to learn by observing and experimenting with real objects and natural materials

We create a balance of child and teacher initiated activities. This encourages independent thinking process and development of ideas

We provide a range of activities to balance large and small muscle activities to flex and gradually develop physical skills

We encourage interaction with adults and other children to develop social and language skills for a wholesome and pleasing personality

We provide an opportunity to learn and respect a wide variety of different cultures

We create safety awareness from early childhood