Our Campus and Facilities

LWIS embraces a model of teaching and learning which integrates information and technology literacy. Our library, one with a focus on kindergarten and elementary students functions as an important hub where students use a variety of materials from books to digital resources and eBooks. Our mission is to foster a love of reading and support the development of skills needed to access and evaluate information.

Technology is an integral component of learning at LWIS for students. We leverage a wide variety of applications across the curriculum. All kindergarten and elementary students have the access to an iPad.

One Information and Communication Technology lab, with 20 computers are available for students.

Students get to play in a safe and secure environment, designed especially for the enjoyment and capabilities of young children. The area is equipped with a variety of outdoor play equipments.

The school has a well-equipped medical dispensary manned by one full-time, qualified Nurse. All cases of injury or illness receive medical attention; wherever specialized medical aid is required, emergency transport is available to take a student to the hospital.

Text-Books, work-books and notebooks are available at the school store in accordance with prescribed books for each class and subject options.

Buses are available for transporting students to and from school, within Khobar and Dammam. Bus fee details are available in the Admin office.